The Coaching with the CEO is one four programs available to employee interested in leadership Development.  Learn about other leadership opportunities.

The Coaching With the CEO Leadership Development Series is a series of conversations between current CEO Randy Karnes and professionals in the community who identify themselves as wanting to explore and consider applying for leadership positions at CU*Answers, from vice president all the way up to the role of CEO.

There will be six general areas of discussion:

  • Brainstorming on the CEO Responsibility Questionnaire
  • Brainstorming on the Interview Question Study Guide
  • Brainstorming on the Video Archive
  • Business Plans and Financial Approaches for a CEO
  • Designing an Open-Door Policy as a Cooperative (including the Customer-Owner)
  • Working with a Board of Directors and Developing New Business Lines

These sessions are open to all employees and anyone in the community — including credit union professionals among our partners, clients and owners who want to explore:

  • Being considered for the CU*Answers CEO position
  • Moving into an executive or other management position at CU*Answers or throughout the network
  • The succession process itself – to gain an understanding of what goes into choosing a new CEO and other leadership positions

If you’re a candidate for a position, to help create self-confidence and be prepared for the interview and the responsibilities.
If you’re a member of a selection committee, to give exposure to candidates and add insight to the interview and decision process based on the sessions
If you’re interested in considering executive leadership in the future, to understand the skills and issues you’ll face. And, who knows?? – Maybe by the end of the sessions, you’ll be ready to step up.

This class will be offered on Wednesday nights starting in October 2020.  It will repeat once a month for six months. 

Currently, all sessions are scheduled to be held in the CU*Answers Training Room on the first floor of the 28th St. building.